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Django is cool

March 19, 2018, 3 p.m.

So, something odd happened: my VPS crashed. No problem, I had back-ups of everything... except my own site it seemed. So one sleepless night later, it was all good, except for my own site.

When it comes to making and maintaining my own website, I have a very 'laisser-faire' attitude. Most of my clients have never even looked at my website and how they often time end up with me is due to word of mouth anyway. So after the VPS crash, I just continued working on clients websites until my mother wanted to show one of her clients that her two sons also were having small companies... and mine popped up a 404. My mother shared this in our family-related WhatsApp group and my sister scolded me and said "What kind of web developer doesn't have a website?". She was right, of course.

Software development is interesting because often times you try to imagine the end product while not remotely being there yet. This is the case because most software developers prefer to make an infrastructure beforehand so they can plan around everything and make 'pretty code'. Sadly, often times, this is impossible because of the scope of a project or simply because features get added in the development process you didn't account for in the first place.

The VPS crash had one advantage: I could redo my own site. But due to my laisser-faire attitude, I didn't want to do the dirty work. This is why Django is such a great framework: all the annoying work is done for you, without restricting you too much. On top of that, it's Python which I really like developing in (even though I'd say the programming languages I know best are PHP and Java). So having a day off was great way to quickly set up Django again and create this simple blog in a matter of hours.